i have a fake account to see people's profile for their outfits, and to check up on some people that i'm courious about (i.e ex-boyfriends/their new girl friend), is that bad??
while i know someone has a fake acount to express their opinion....?

yes i know it's wrong to have a fake account is bad, but i just use it too look, i don't say anything to the other person, etc.?

i just want to know what is worse...because my friend and i are having an argument about it?

Well it is dishonest. And I guess the question I would ask myself if I were you is, how would I feel if someone I knew made a fake account to spy on me? Because that is what you're doing.

If you would be okay with someone doing the same thing to you, then I think that goes a certain way to rationalising what you're doing. No matter what though, it is dishonest.



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