does he really like me or is it all a game?

=17ptI met my crush A few months ago, and we exchange numbers became friends and I confessed to him that I liked him. He told me he wasn't looking for a serious relationship and I was OK with that because neither was I, we continued to text, agreed to hang out and even had sexually stimulating conversations. Things were going well until a few weeks ago when he told me he couldn't be with me sexually because his heart is not into it. I was OK with that and he told me that he still would like to be friends because he love the way that we talk then a few weeks afterwards I found out on social media he had just entered a relationship with someone else. I was hurt for a little bit but then I realized that if we did get into a relationship it could possibly go wrong if things turned out badly, and I'm also happy for him being with someone else. But I'm also jealous because I feel as if I won't have time with my friend because he has a girlfriend. What do I do?

well you've already said you didn't want a serious relationship what difference does it make?? Just be there for him as a friend and keep your optioons open for someone else.

Girl hey I just want say when it comes to relationships or whatever you going through ,if you have to doubt the guy then you know that guy is just messing with you.


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