=IMPORTANT= Current situation of My Gurl Boards

Well, we all have noticed how Gurl is about to hit bottom, if it hasn't done it already. There is a lot of spam like those threads advetising something, we just got like 50 or 60 of them in one night. There are also those threads offering fake IDs and passports which is not only against the rules but it's totally illegal!!

We also have a big problem with some boys. My Gurl Boards is meant to be a safe place for girls, a place where we can interact, share, ask for and give advice, make new friends, etc. It seems like some boys don't understand this and sadly there's nothing we can do about it. This is a public place and anyone can create an account.

Also, the place is full of bugs which can be fixed only by the senior staff. There are those annoying "?" marks that appear everywhere, some of the buttons of the menu don't work, attached videos from YouTube don't work, quotes are not quoted, etc.

Now, I've contacted a member of the staff, she's been really nice to me and always willing to help, the problem is that she's in charge of the social media only, she has no power here. She helped me contacting the senior staff, she told them I could be a moderator because I have experience, I've done it before and I'm doing it now in a different place. But the answer was always the same: "there's anything that we can do about it". We come to the conclusion that the senior staff are no longer interested in the boards, they just don't care about what's going on in here. Meaning, we're on our own!! We won't have any new moderator and all the old ones are gone.

What we can do? Here are some suggestion that come to my mind:

The most intelligent and helpful advice is, leave Gurl, let's just forget about this place and move on. The web is full of nice forums and social networks. If you have already a way to stay in touch with your friends, then the safer thing that you can do is to leave and don't look behind.

If you decide to stay, then:

About the spam and ads, the only that we can do is ignore them, every time they spam the boards, we can bump our threads to the first page, we've already done it, brandneweyes00 and myself.

About the boys, some boys are more discreet and they follow the rules, they don't bother the girl members with stupidities and they're somehow ok, There are other boys who are obviosly here only to get turned on, the most recent case is that guy MadAmber who is a conplete jerk. For these cases we have some options. 1.- Report them, there are no active mods atm but who knows, they could come back at some point... 2.- Add them to your ignore list... 3.- Spam and troll their threads and posts until they get tired and leave... 4.- We can just ignore them, as if they didn't exist, the more you interact with them, the bigger the problem will become.

About the technical issues, there's nothing that we can do but to learn to leave with them.

As I said, we're now on our own, Gurl is no longer a safe place mainly for the younger ones, the best that you can do is to leave but, if you decide to stay, please be safe and take care of you and your friends, don't believe all that you read here and don't trust anyone you meet here unless you're 100% sure who you're talking to, NEVER share your personal info and NEVER EVER share pics of yourself.

PS... If someone doesn't know how to report a member or how to add them to your ignore list, please let me know and I'll make a quick tutorial in the next post.


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