I have been talking to this guy for about a month now, and the signals im being given are making me kinda nervous on where things are actually going?
he calls me baby, holds my hand and kisses me, he told me he wouldnt leave and that he wants to help make my life better. then he says "i can see us together for a long time"?
while thats happening the texting between us is reduced, and hes always on his phone. it feels like hes pulling away but he still does all this other stuff.?
does it seem like he wants to be with me? or is he just dragging me along??

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He's probably dragging you along. If a guy says something similar to what you said this guy said to you and it's making you uncomfortable or if you're feeling any other emotion besides happy, then you shouldn't listen to him, because you want to be happy, not nervous, right? My older step brother once dated a girl for a few weeks, but then when she was talking about being together for a long time, he broke up with her. when i heard this news, i suspect it made him uncomfortable. So, you should definitetly not listen to this guy if he's making you nervous.


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