Fun Survey Question of the Day (May 2017)

To lighten the mood from the serious question thread and or for the people who don't want to answer the more serious questions on this thread I will add 1 "fun" question a day (or every couple of days) which could include this or that, funny, would you rather, fantasy, dreams, and other light hearted and simple topics. I suggest answering the most recent question but mostly for these shorter answer questions I don't mind if you answer a couple of the past questions in one comment. Feel free to message me with ideas for future questions to feature on this thread!

05/17/2017 Sunrises or sunsets?

05/17/2017?Sunrises or sunsets?

Sunsets!?Even though I work in the morning now I'm still more a night person. I still dislike getting up early especially before they sun is up! They are both pretty but I think sunsets bring a relaxing calm to the end of the day. A sense of relief that the day is almost over both when nothing has gone wrong that day or when your day hasn't been too great.


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