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To lighten the mood from the serious question thread and or for the people who don't want to answer the more serious questions on this thread I will add 1 "fun" question a day (or every couple of days) which could include this or that, funny, would you rather, fantasy, dreams, and other light hearted and simple topics. I suggest answering the most recent question but mostly for these shorter answer questions I don't mind if you answer a couple of the past questions in one comment. Feel free to message me with ideas for future questions to feature on this thread!

05/17/2017 Sunrises or sunsets?
06/05/2017 What is your current favorite show?

05/17/2017?Sunrises or sunsets?

Sunsets!?Even though I work in the morning now I'm still more a night person. I still dislike getting up early especially before they sun is up! They are both pretty but I think sunsets bring a relaxing calm to the end of the day. A sense of relief that the day is almost over both when nothing has gone wrong that day or when your day hasn't been too great.

Sunsets all the way!! They have a very special feeling of nostalgia.

Plus I never wake up so early to see a sunrise :p

I love the sunset, the way the strong, melting orange blends into the soft baby pink with small fluffy clouds floating across the sky. I love the way trees and nature is stolen of it's colour with the setting sun behind them, with the contrast of black trees and rosy light glowing behind it.

Ive never seen a proper sunrise though. I live in a housing estate now so the sky is mostly blocked, even though I can stay up late and get up early.?

You need to come out west!!!!

06/05/2017?What is your current favorite show?

=13.3333pxI mostly watch shows on Hulu (sometimes Netflix, or the unlocked free episodes on apps like animal planet and tlc go on my roku)

I love most of the Hulu Originals currently following along I with The Handmaid's Tale (not lighthearted lol but good) and Harlots and the Path was really good too and I've thought about starting a few of their others I just don't want to watch them all at the same time!

I also like cartoons I finally just started watching Gravity Falls?as I know it is one of the cartoons made for kids that is enjoyed by the older teens/young adults (similar to regular show, adventure time etc) it is pretty good and I also just finished binge watching all the episodes of Counterfeit Cat which was also good.

Oh and I started following along with Downward Dog the new show on ABC/Hulu it is also pretty good and Martin really reminds me of our dog Milo (even my boyfriend laughs about that and agrees).

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