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So I have decided to start 2 different continuous threads. I know I myself and others on the board enjoy surveys. I also enjoy reading others responses mostly to surveys I create that being said it gets a bit boring or tedious to read through so many answers when there are so many questions. On this thread I will ask 1 "serious" i.e. personal, political, important, emotional, deep, mental, pressing topics so to speak once a day (or maybe every couple of days depends on what I have going on and how many others want to participate). I will add each new question to the original post but suggest only answering the most recent unless you really want to answer another question on the post just try not to do the whole month of questions in one comment! I want to do this to encourage longer answers and also conversations between participants about the current question and answers. Again these are more "serious" questions so if you are uncomfortable with any of the questions or part of the questions or answers feel free not to answer that day and please be respectful of others answers I'm not trying to create arguments just conversations! I hope that makes sense for now.... I will also probably start accepting suggestions for questions feel free to message me with your ideas :)

05/17/2017 What's the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?


05/17/2017?What's the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?

The one thing people always misunderstand about me is my quietness. I don't have a super great memory but I do remember even back in middle school and high school people would always make assumptions about how quiet I was. Back then they mostly assumed I was a goody two shoes who could possibly be a snitch and was going to run and tell teachers or adults if they were talking about something "bad" (drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, etc). When in reality I was also smoking weed and having sex and all that stuff too I was just smarter about it and kept myself out of trouble.

I've had people who were closer to me in high school and after high school who would assume I'm mad or they would know I was quiet and assume I would become more talkative over time. I never did though and it pissed some people off over time. Basically to the point where I just stopped having any friends. I didn't mind though. It would pretty much become a game people who were close to me would start asking me to say something anything just 2 words etc lol. Then my stubborness would kick in and I would make it more of a point not to talk at all I'm not someones puppet.

Along with being quiet I have a resting bitch face. So being a cashier at Walmart for over 2 years you can just imagine I had several customers assume I was being rude and would tell my supervisors. But my supervisors knew that was just they way I was nice and quiet. They would try and encourage me to talk more but it didn't really change they wouldn't fire me over it either because other than that I was the perfect employee.

My boyfriend will also think I'm giving him the silent treatment when I'm upset (that one might be partially true though especially after he makes a comment about me needing to shut up or whatever lol) but it is never like the petty exaggerated not talk to him for 3 days for no reason it is only a couple hours at the max for me to collect my own emotions and relax my own mind.

In reality I have always just been quiet. The text book definition of introvert. I especially hate small talk even saying Hello or Bye every time you come across or leave someone. I've also never cared about drama or hollywood bs that everyone else loves to talk about. I was always willing to have conversations with anyone at anytime as long as they are legit and at least somewhat meaningful conversations.?


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