Mortgage Refinancing

Hi,I am working in a firm here and have a side-business too. Actually, three years back, I started the business just for a time pass. But, then gradually it started to grow and now I have a good monthly income from it. And I am planning to open another branch in Kingston. But, I don't have the total finance required for that. So, I am planning to take a mortgage.I already have a mortgage which I have taken to start the business. It is a 10-year variable rate mortgage. I doubt whether taking a second mortgage will take me to a financial crisis. In my search, I came to read that choosing a refinancing package will allow us to consolidate debts, and it will allow us for a single repayment instead of several in a month. So, I thought, refinancing would be the best choice for me. But, as I don't have any experience before, I want to hear the opinions and suggestions of experienced people. Is there any complication in refinancing mortgage? Is there any other option to get a second mortgage with a low interest? Please help me to take a decision.


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