My boyfriend..

Ive recently started to talk to this really great guy at school- him being a sophomore and
I'm a freshman.. he is really fucking sweet and he likes me a lot but his friends are total
douche bags. If I'm talking to him in the hallway they'll walk by us and make snide comments
and I don't know if he's embarrassed to be dating me (because i am a year younger than him)
i don't want to be an embarrassment and I want to get along with his friends.. any advice?

his friends are probably just jealous that he can get a girlfriend and they cant, i think sometimes it takes a while for guys to get used to haveing a girl around. Dont let them treat you like shit, you gotta stick up for yourself so if they are saying mean things to you, you can shut them down for it :)

Girl, just remember that all young guys (and some older) are just dicks. They have no idea how to act and they dont care who they hurt. The guy you like might act that way too but honestly thats just cause of his age and immaturity. Im sure his friends wont influence him but dont feel bad if he is embarrassed. Friends have big impact on us.


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