I Got Banned?

ok so i made a new account, but like a few months ago i got a warning and then a ban...and like there was no reason. i went through my posts and none of them had anything that were against the rules... has anyone had this experience?

Were you commenting on older posts?

not that im aware of... and nocturnal mistress sent me the rules like 3 times and i read over and saw nothing wrong so i messaged her and asked but i got no reply... just a ban

Well she's gone anyway so you don't have to worry about it.

oh she is? ok haha... Yea im not really sure i thought maybe it was for innapropriate content or something but i realized the stuff i was writing was alot more PG than a lot of the other stuff on her, i was probably replying to older posts and i didnt know it.

well what did the warning say....?

she basically just sent me all the forum rules over and over again, and i kep replying with "ok thank you but what exactly am i dlign wrong, i do not see any violaion of the rules in my posts" and then one day i just got banned

my guess is you were replying to old threads....I dunno

i think i was replying to people replying to old threads haha.


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