How do you guys approach your crush?

So I was just curious being that usually guys ask girls out. But if you're a girl that asks guys out? How do you approach them?

that is a really hard question omg

I just walked up to him and said, "Would you like to go out on a date sometime?"

And he got supersuper nervous, like he started sweating bullets, and just before he passed out, he said, "No."

So, that approach kinda didn't work out well for either of us.

Now I take a much more subtle approach.

First I establish a casual acquaintance. Get the guys name, tell him my name,

then I run home and hatch an elaborate plot to have my friend find out if he's single, tell him to call me, give him my number, remind him who I am, oh and get his number so I'll know it's him when he calls, tell him I kinda like him, but don't make it sound like I'm desperate, make it sound like I have tons of men chasing after me, because I'm highly desirable, but I've chosen him, because he's special, and tell him that I would be honored if he would ask me out on a date.

And that is why I am still single.😁

Honestly, always give out signals, if he's completely oblivious like most guys are, then maybe make it a point to say he's an important person in your life or something that makes him feel special. Or you can always say that some other guy likes you, and what should you about it if he doesn't talk crap about said guy, then he's probably not interested.?

To be honest, I just talk to him I guess (even though it makes me sweat so bad >.< ) I mean, lately he's the one coming up to me and asking stuff.?
So don't be afraid to have a conversation.?
You got this!


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Just talk to him...or her.? I might look to see what they are doing, or listen in on one of their conversations beforehand...get an idea of maybe what they are inmterested in and use that as an ice breaker.


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