Gift For A Mentor

Hey ladies (and gents too, apparently!) :)

I graduate from undergrad in two weeks and my 3 friends and I want to get my mentors a gift or something to show them how much we appreciate them and to remember us by. They are both professional actors and professors. We thought about getting them briefcases because they could use them but nice ones are way out of our $80 budget. LOL. What do you guise think would be a nice gift or momento to give them? I'm close to settling for a nice plaque.?

I've seen a lot of people online suggest getting them personalized mugs but I have literally NEVER seen them drink coffee. A bottle of wine would probably be more befitting. LOL.?

Lemme know what you guys think. I appreciate and look forward to your input!?

Maybe the wine would be a good gift. Since it's a little more in your guys's budget.

If you like them a lot you could purchase them something you all would like to have together as a group as if theyre going to be together.


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