Weird Dream

I was in a dream that it wasn't me or I just didn't recognize myself I recognized my voice just not me and it was a totally different era! Like in the 1700s or 1800s. But they were telling me I was going to be married with this person I didn't even know. I woke up say it was to early than went back to dream and started where I left off and than I woke up an hour later woke up from the same dream and saw it wasn't time yet went back to sleep and started where I left off. It was the same thing 2 more times until my alarm went off
I have no idea what the dream means or really search what it means on my own since it wasn't supernatural. Did any girls have this type of dream or have an idea what it means??

I think it was only a dream and you should not worry. Psychologists have said a dream is a mix if phantasy and memories, the phantasy part lasts for about 5 minutes while the memories part takes most of your dream's time. These memories not necessarily are experiences of our own, they could be memories of a talk we had, a movie we saw, a book we read, etc. they can even be memories that we've already forgotten.

And yes, I've had lots of weird dreams that make me wake up in a wtf mood :P

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thank you maybe that's what it thanks again


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