Gas Wastage

My mom has a thing for drving around for an hour aimlessly every week. She uses the car every day.I'm worried about gas wastage and keep telling her this but she just gets sick of my nagging. What do I do?

As long as she's not making you pay for the gas she uses, I don't see the big deal. She's an adult and knows that driving uses gas, and sometimes you just need to go for a drive every now and then. If that's what destresses her or gives her something to do when she's bored, let her.?

Yea If you aren't paying for it I wouldn't say it is a big deal. If you are worried about like environmental impacts again its only a small percentage and doesn't really effect much. I myself care a lot about the environment and do a lot of things to help lessen my own impacts but I also let myself indulge in long hot showers rather frequently but at the same time I don't eat meat and minimal other animal by-products the equivilance is something like 1 lb of beef uses the same amount of water as showering for 6 months (I think one infographic I saw the other day said 1 year without meat saves as much water as not showering for 55 years!) Sorry if this isn't an environmental concern of yours and I'm just off topic lol


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