RANT: Gurl.com has Guys?

Is it just me or is that kind of extra? I came on here to talk to other girls my age ?or older about shared qualities, like feelings, periods or having a vagina! Like I'm confused. Two people who have messaged me are guys, and they're treating this like it's Tumblr with explicit extra stuff I did not come to see or discuss. This dude just asked me when was the last time I masturbated? Uh, who TF are you? Just get a tumbr account and go to those blogs, they live for shit like that. I'm just venting and ranting, but I didn't know if it was weird or not. I know it's a safe space for some people to learn more information about women but DAMN!?

I'm with you, when guys message me or friend me, I don't respond I'm not here to talk to guys.

I agree, happened to me too. Just dont respond and you can put them on an ignore list too.?

Hah, I thought I was the only one.
Well, to be honest I'm not supporting 'witch hunting' like banning every male being suspected. I'd prefer to have a separate forum where guys would be able to talk with us about whatever they need, or when we would be able to ask them.

But then...
A guy asked me 'bout my boyfriend's "size", and then sent me a pic of his own to compare...

I'm not an expert of Western culture, y'know. And I thought this might be acceptable here...
Well, you proved me wrong, you consider them perverts and/or overfed trolls too :)

Anyone who sends pictures of their junk is a pervert, even in western culture that is wrong, they are sorry individuals who can't get a girl in the real world so they try to get their jollies ?by grossing out young girls, and when you consider the fact that a lot of girls on this sight are under age it just shows how sick they are. These people don't deserve any kind of response just ignore them.

Guys are allowed on the Gurl board but if they are being inappropriate and perverted etc feel free to report them (don't know if it is really moderated anymore though) so also just put them on your ignore list. Also be careful of people who could be lying about their age or gender. Some girls have a problem with them being on these boards at all I don't really care either way.

@Iderrisai The same thing happened to me this guy asked if it was normal to think about size mattering or some bullshit thing like that, and then sent me his junk and asked if it was ok if I could give him my opinion. I told him I wasn't going to look at his junk and all and he was all offended (I reported him twice after that) and he asked me how big my boyfriend was. I told him why should he care, he's my boyfriend, and then this guy asked me what did my boyfriend do for a living like ??? Again I did block him but I have no idea if there was a followup on his account. Though his name was robotic or something of that matter. But if there are guys being inappropriate?then usually report them?and if they keep at it keep reporting them.


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