I struggle with being bisexual

I struggle so much with being bisexual, I am sure that I am attracted to both genders, I would have no problem being with a guy or a girl. I've been having these feelings for a long time now and I am sure that I'm not going through a phase. When I tried to come out to my Mother, she shot me down and told me that I am going through a phase. Its been too long to be just a phase, I am so afraid that no one will accept me because of it. In the lgbt community there is a lot of bi hatred coming from lesbians. I have watched videos of lesbians saying straight up that they wouldn't date a bisexual because 'they cant pick a side', what about if I like both sides and can't choose? I'm afraid to bring a potiental girlfriend out with me and hold hands with her as I don't want her to face being catcalled or insulted by strangers and I don't want my sexual orientation to be presumed just because I am with a boy. I finding it really difficult to face who I am.?

I also identify as bisexual and when I came out to my mother she did the exact same thing to me.
Like you pointed out there's a lot of stigma involves with being bi, and it's just not right. All you can do is surrounded yourself with people who care about you and respect you and who you are.


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