Can I Just Brag For a Quick Second?

Damn I truly love my boyfriend like three little words are not enough to describe it honestly. Is that bad? Like I've had quite a number of relationships and there was always something that bugged me in each one, which caused me to grow bored and I would distance myself in everyone. But with him, I've never felt more complete. I mean I use to want to be a princess when I was little but he treats me like a queen. He takes care of me, supports me, encourages me, and well deals with my emotional self. I honestly wish everyone finds someone like that because the feeling is literally indescribable. I 'm not saying we're perfect we do get in arguments (over the dumbest things too) but we always manage to talk it out and get past it, and I'm pretty stubborn. You know in the animated Cinderella movie and that song "This is Love" it honestly what goes through my mind when I'm with him. Cliche I know!! Just he's perfect and I'm gonna end it on that now.

Look, some may be jealos of the deep love you have. But good friends and family should be happy for you if you dont brag too much.


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