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So I just graduated?from college and been looking for a job for a while now. And my cousin called me and asked me to be a nanny and she would pay me for my services. I live in Ga and she lives in NY and she asked me to stay for 3 months. I have a boyfriend that lives in Ga as well. I really want him to come up but he doesn't?have a lot of extra money to come visit. My cousin is making a big deal about him not coming up. she says if he really loved me and missed me he would have been up here to see me. Is my cousin right?? or should I be understanding of my boyfriend? ?

I think you should have a chat with each of them and tell them how you feel. Even get them in the same room or have a call all together. There may be some misunderstandings, make sure your boyfriend understands the situation and you trust him. The babysitting for 3 months is a big job! Good Luck xx

Your cousin is saying if your boyfriend really loved you he would have a lot of money?


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