Is this the end?

​I have been with my boyfriend one and a half years. We usually never fought, but its been getting worse and worse. We keep having these long talks, where we both agree to change, but change never happens and we end up in the same place. I love him a lot, but there are just certain things that don't connect if that makes any sense. For example, last night I called him crying because my mom and I have been on the rocks. He listened to be for about a half hour, then said nothing for at least?2 minutes. He then said, " Sorry, I can't stop thinking about SeaWorld" (A conversation that we had had prior to the call). He then proceeded to explain how he didn't know what to say, and how I should know he wouldn't?want to get involved. So I said goodnight.

I was hysterically crying, and he had nothing to say. Is this a sign? Should we break up? I love him so much, but we never seem to be able to get along anymore, and it seems as though we are trying to make something work that doesn't?want to.

You should meet up one day and just be firm and ask him where he wants to seeyou guys in future. And even after that if he doesn't focus then girl,you know you are better than that.Trust me.Yeah,no doubt you will be hurt but this will help you and make you stronger.There's both of you in the relationship so you should also get the priority. Hope things get better for bith of you. xo


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