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So I found myself on a youtube chain so to speak of listening to all these songs that I used to love and knew and still know all the words too etc.... Figured I'd share some of my own and feel free to list some of yours... Not necessarily talking about Top 20 songs on the radio from every year that we still all know the words too but personal favorites (though they could possibly fall in both catergories)... Not really paying particular attention to years but most of mine are probably from the middle of elementary to the middle of middle school (so not the songs I grew up on from my parents either)....

A*Teens - Firefly (I knew all the words to all the songs on the CD I had but for whatever reason this was my favorite to sing every word too!)
Shaggy - It Wasn't Me (We collected most of the NOW That's What I Call Music CDs and 6 was my first a gift at my birthday party and was probably always my favorite and could listen and sing to every song but I always remember this was my favorite I would blast it on my stereo and I think at the begining I didn't fully understand what the song was about lol)
Flyleaf - All Around Me (Again this was a CD that I frequently listened to all the way through on my portable CD player and loved a lot of the songs this was my favorite to sing too probably (Fully Alive, I'm So Sick, Cassie are close though too) and I'll admit at the time I didn't always know all the lyrics lol)
Lonestar - County Fair (I went through a bit of a "country" phase when I was younger I still don't mind country music but at the time with my best friend it was my favorite this is one of the CDs I would listen to when I showered and got ready in the bathroom Mr.Mom was also one of the best songs on this CD lol)
Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman (Now Gretchen Wilson was my favorite artist in my country phase and listened to this in the shower/bathroom frequently too and remember jamming in my room a few times on my stereo I actually had a couple of her CDs some others I really loved were All Jacked Up, California Girls, and Chariot)

I'm sure there are many more that I am plain out forgetting but those are the ones I can think of for now!

When I was younger I used to listen to a lot of music from dad's albums, I still do. :P I basically grew up listening to rock bands sucn as Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, etc. But I also remember some theme songs from cartoons and anime I used to see.

But I always remember this song, Woo hoo from Kill Bill, not because of the movie but because when I was little and dad took me to school, there was a show on the radio that always started with it.

A couple songs that were my favorite and I still enjoy from when I was a really young child from the stuff my parents listened to would be
Cracker - Eurotrash Girl (which at the time I thought was Your A Trash Girl and that is how my Dad and I would sing it)
The Cranberries - Zombie
Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier
Queen - We Will Rock You
Prince - Raspberry Beret
The Cure - The Caterpillar

and a number of songs from those bands/artists and similar bands my dad had an extensive Album and CD collection (he still does) especially considering back when CDs were still pricey and harder to come by etc.

For bands/artists in general, Backstreet Boys, Maroon 5, Aaron Carter, NSYNC, A*Teens (but just their Mama Mia cover songs), Brittany Spears, Pink, and the Dixie Chicks.


When I was younger, I definitely listened to Destiny's Child (all of their albums), Mariah Carey- Emancipation of Mimi, Usher- Confessions and Mary J. Blige MJB on repeat! I really love Maroon 5 too. Some stuff by Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Pink and Christina Agulara are in my library. I like certain things by Frank Ocean. I also know a lot of gospel because of my mom and grandparents. When I got older, I went through a Ludacris and Lil Wayne phase. Then Nicki Minaj came out. When I was a sophmore in high school, I found out about Donald Glover/Childish Gambino and his music. I fell in love with him! Then I finally got into J. Cole much later even though he's so real and underrated. I love that I have Apple Music now, so that I can get any music I want. I feel nostalgic all the time. Sometimes, I only like maybe 1-2 songs off of a whole album.


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