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Hi all, I have a doubt. My husband was on a business trip last month and since I had to stay alone, I went to my mom's house and came back last week. While cleaning the house ?I noticed some small cracks near the windows upstairs. I don't know what the reason could be. Should I take this seriously? My friend who is a structural consultant saw the crack and said that it is not a simple crack and had to be repaired soon. Is this due to poor weather stripping? This house is quite old and I don't know who fitted up the windows. My husband told me to consult Clera windows, one of the house windows installation services in Ottawa. They also have window replacement services Is it necessary to replace the windows? I hope to get some replies soon. ?

Hwo do you expect to answer your question only someone that can see them could answer your question.

Windows are structural weaknesses, y'know :)
I don't know even why is there any doubt.
Or you want it to fall out eventually?
PS Oh yeah, this post may be sponsored by Clera :D

Thanks for your reply. But, I didn't mean any sort of advertising and the question is genuine.

This is the oddest thread ever.

Your telling me SammyB I got windows 10 dont need them replaced and about replacing house windows this is NOT A DIY FORUM, EXCEPT FOR MASTURBATING OF COURSE.

>"This is not 'Do It Yourself' forum, except for masturbating, of course"
Added to my personal Foundation Of Golden Quotes :D

Your welcome @Iderrisai

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