Mt first thread +talking about my habit of typing a lot.

Hii everyone, I'm glad that I found this great website... and It's a pleasure to me to be a member here.

I have been always wondering if I'm annoying others or not? I'm that type of girls who literally care about the people whom I love and I love to text them.
I have this habit of typing a lot of things because I love chatting a lot.
Some or many of the people I care about the most, doesn't seem to dislike it but I feel somehow that... it's bad to type a lot or talk about different things. But most of the times, or recently I started feeling as if I'm annoying others.

The question here is.... do people really get annoyed if you text them but in a caring way or not..

And my bf always tell me that he enjoys reading whatever I type but he doesn't talk a lot... so I feel weird and somehow I started not typing at all.

Thank you.

If you can not communicate in live as often as you need - then why not?
As for me, I'm still using text messaging often, even though me and my boyfriend are together for almost a year. It's natural, it's convenient when you want to xommunicate in private, and sometimes you can talk with your crush about things you are too shy to discuss in live :)
So it is absolutely OK, I guess. Just... Don't PREFER the text communication before the real one, y'know

Thank you so much for replying.
I will take that in consideration.
That's true, many people prefer face-to-face communication.... but I don't like going out a lot so that's why I mostly communicate with my friends via w/a, instagram.


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