Hello I joined this Great site in November 2016, And 99.9% of posts were on topic and New posts were revelant to the various sections, But Now there are so many posts are pure spam and advertising also posting adds looking for people to chat on other sites like kik.
This is spoiling GURL for MANY members, I have made some GREAT friends on Gurl and I hope the site inproves ASAP
Where are the MODS / ADMIN ?At the moment the site is a free for all.
Sorry abount rant.?
Angie XX

We've talked about this. The original mods and admins have basically abandoned it. I don't see why they keep ignoring it considering they still use material from the boards to make more articles. Certainly they've seen us talking about the lack of mods, yet they won't answer the emails of girls who are offering to be mods unless contacted by other means. We do have a mod right now, but only one. And she's a real person with a real personal life, so she can't respond 24/7, or as soon as people want her to. I personally think it's a great idea to have more than one mod, because when NM has something going on in her life, or work is getting in the way, aother can take over. As you've seen, older members are taking interest in moderating and are trying to contact the admins to hopefully have a spot as a mod. ?

I don't think making posts like this is going to do any good.


"I don't think making posts like this is going to do any good"

Hi Fiona Its NOT going to do any harm.

But could they implement some kind of report system, so that most reported posts and topics would be deleted automatically? Just some engineer thoughts:)

Mods have no control over technical issues. The admins would have to do something about that, and it seems like something they're not interested in doing, because NM's tried to contact them to fix the issue with the question mark bug, and they haven't done anything about it.

Just keep reaching out to the actual site. Go to CONTACT US - and click shoot us a note, or even email the actual editors and staff members, their personal emails are listed!


@NoctumalMistress Thank you so much for your post sorry to see you go and thanks for ALL your help. I wish you and yours all the very best in the future.

I think it's time to stop coming on here folks

It's really sad :( The website doesn't even load properly anymore :(?

Yeah it's pretty shitty. I messaged the admins on tumblr days ago and they still haven't replied.


@WaterBaby ?dont hold your breath on getting a reply lol.

At this point, I'm not.?

Am not sure if any of you will be interested in another forum that I belong to which is:?http://www.girlsaskguys.com
It is continuously extremely active, fun and informative, but like all forums does have it's idiots.
I too will not be here for very longer, which must be a record as I only joined a couple of weeks ago.

Purely out of interest there is another forum that I know of which is:?https://www.girlsforum.com
This one is not so active at the moment but is solely devoted to girls/women only, I happen to be an Administrator (solitaire) there, but sadly have not had much time recently to be there as much as I would like, I can of course give several of you immediate moderating status.
However perhaps with YOUR interest and involvement we could together get this forum up and running successfully once more.
PS. If you do decided to join please do let me know that you have arrived from here, so that I know who you are.

Would you please also make a quick personal introduction (Introduce Yourself) mentioning that you are from here.
Thank You, and may I perhaps Iook forward to welcoming you.


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