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I know this might not be as big of a nostalgia thing for some of the younger girls on the board but I geek out when I remember some classic games we played on the computer when we were kids...

I would say basically from the mid 90s to the mid 2000s before/just when gaming consoles were coming out computer games were a big deal... my family had a gateway computer with windows 98 operating system for the longest time (and then dial up internet for the longest time ><)

I got this vague image in my head today of these coloful animated musical instruments and could remember a black background but also remember colorful pixels and making theminto images for these instruments basically... searched google for awhile until I finally found SimTunes!?

In my searches I also remembered Putt Putt, Freddi Fish and Spy Fox
Other games I remeber that came with the computer when we bought it new were Goosbumps (The scarecrow walks at midnight!), Small Soilders other games we had were a pinball game and a minigolf game a yatzhee game I think we had clue at some point too

One of my favorite to remember is Creature Adventures I also loved Barbie Pet Rescue (think I had or borrowed a Barbie horse game at some point) and we had a Quizz Show Monster Mania game where you could plug in actual buzzers but getting to the plugs (it might have even been usb) in the back of our computer was a pain in the ass so we just ussed the keyboard instead most of the time lol a powerpuff girls game and maybe even a furby game I think another big one in my family was the Neverhood?

Aside from CD ROM games I also remember Shockwave games like Waterballoon drop

Towards the end of our computer gaming phase I had some UB Funkeys

Then of course in the later years playing internet games like Club Penguin (before Disney ruined it) or NeoPets (before Nickelodeon/Viacom ruined it) I remember Cartoon Network I think it was had some really cool internet games, Runescape, Subeta, Wajas, Fuzz Academy, Earth Eternal, World of Warcraft etc

I can remember other games and we had tons of CD Roms of the years but these are just some of my favorite or ones that really stick out in my mind and bring that nostalgia feeling

Sorry this is kind of randomly stringing together and whatever it is kind of just a thought process as I'm typing it, what kind of computer games does everyone else remember and love?

The Oregon trail!! On a floppy disk too! That was so fun haha.
I also remember playing barbie pet rescue, and I had another game that was more of a learning game.
This one is a website I was obsessed with in middle school, you got to have a little character and go around and talk to other people and play games.
Then I got into the Sims and had every expansion for the original game, so much fun. I still play the sims 3 sometimes

So when my brother and I smoke together, we tend to get really nostalgic. One time the topic of pc games we played as kids came up, so we started trying to google them, and we kept finding things that felt familiar, but probably weren't, but we were still like "duuuuuuude, this feels so familiar but just barely!!" But we found that most of them were JumpStart games. One that we played the most was the 3rd grade one with the robot named Botty or something. There were a couple that I'm not sure were Jumpstart, but might be. One had to do with treehouses and you could customize your own, and it had this one game that you could click the frogs and birds and they'd make sounds and it'd make a song or something. There was another that had to do with a caboose and you had to find out "who spilled the juice in the caboose".

I remember there being a petshop game that I played, and I played the Barbie Pet Resuce game, too. There was also a My Little Pony game, and Petz.

I never played this one myself because I was too little to get how to do it, but I'd watch my brother play the first Drakken game. And then of course Sims, as well.?

Oh, old games always in my heart... Civilization, Homeworld, StarCraft Brood War, Heroes Of Might And Magic 3. Who said that tactics and strategy are man-only traits?:)

I remember when I was younger, dad still had games like Doom, Cyberia (or something like that), Prince of Persia which I really loved to play. :)


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