Weight gain

What's the most weight youve ever gained in a short period? Are you still gaining? How do you feel about it??

Would you ever put on the pounds for a crowd of interested people or enjoy how it looks on you? This is yet another fad that is sweeping the nation, and although a lot of people are anti-fat shaming advocates, I do think it's a bit stupid and over the top for these women to be doing this to themselves, some of them have put on more than 200+ pounds in just a year, and they're slowly killing themselves.


I can't help but get extremely turned on at the fact. Such a transformation, all the looks they get from friends and families, watching them grow out of their clothes rapidly, I can't help but like it a little. I know how crazy this sounds. Would any of you ever partake? For a lover? For mass amounts of money? Positive attention??


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