Would you do this for your friend or lover?

Posted about this before, happens to be an interest of mine and very intriguing at that.

If you had a partner or a best friend of interest, and they approached you one day and told you that they really wanted to see what your breath smelled like, would you let them? Would you get close to their face and breathe hot right into it??

It's a growing fetish that exists out there and its not just some lowly dirty kink for porn addicts, there's something very sensual and close and revealing and connected about it. Its pheromones, it's as close as you can get to somebodys innermost parts of them that not the whole world knows about. One of those things we hide in society, which does make it all the more sexy.

So whats your answer ladies, would you let someone close to you get a warm whiff of your mouth??

I think of you talk to your best friend a lot and always close together you will still smell their breath and the same goes with love partner. I'll probably will let the. It I would ask them why does my breath smells and stink a mint into my mouth?

Well what does your breath smell like?

Mine is ok.


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