3 things that make you happy

3 things that make you happy always
2...fluffy bathrobe, pajamas
3...this song?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ic7scBTY-xw

1. My family (including my dog)

2. My PS3 (yup, I don't own a PS4 yet)

3. Food (except fish eww)

Animals (mostly my 2 dog babies Milo & Kida)
Cookies (or a number of baked goods especially fresh out of the oven)
Disney movies (classics, Pixar or a number of other non-disney cartoons)

Thought about adding...
Boyfriend... even though he can be annoying :P (He did just let me adopted a 2nd dog!)
Cheese... (especially warm like mac and cheese or cheesy bread) but I also hate the dairy industry and my hypocrisy and want to go vegan still one day!
Veganized Products... cookies made me think of cheese made me think of veganized products I just got veganized cereal marshmallows (no gelatin!) in the mail today and they are pretty bomb... not all veganized products are that great but anyone who is willing to attempt to make things cruelty free is pretty great to me
Books.... reading a good book is always great though I don't do it as much as I would like I've been slowly making my way through some non-fiction books that I own really should go pick up some fiction books from the local library!
Writing... in my journal
Arts/Crafts.... dabbiling in all kinds is always relaxing and fun even if I'm not really good at it!


1. Family
2. Friends
3. Masturbating

1. Family
2. Finishing my period :/
3. Music and Movies

1. Ice cream
2. Deadpool
3. Videos and pics of cute pets


As for me


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