Hey hey hey Everybody!!!!

Oh god, where do I begin!
I'm a member here and I have been for a LONG time. I came here since I was like 9 and there's probably some of you guys who remember me! I used to come here ALL the time, but I kept it a secret from my parents because this website is one that's got some *mature* subject matter, and I didn't want them seeing some of the things I said. I had to leave in August cuz I moved and the computer got moved from the office (a room with privacy) to the living room/dining kinda area. But lately I've been able to stay home alone when my dad drives my mom to work, and that's been nearly everyday, although not usually this early. So now I've decided to come back! There's not much that's changed about me, so you can still message me and just talk whenever you like! With that I'll be signing off for now, hope to see you soon. I'll leave you with a gaming website where you can find me. I am very good friends with the owner and most of the staff there, and I've been there approximately since I left here.
@NocturnalMistress: I remember you, do you remember me???


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