May need to end friendship

I have this guy friend we haven't know each other for a long time just for half a year but from the very beginning we started to become really close with each other since we had so many things in common, we begin to see each other like brother and sister and will agrue like siblings as well. ?Ever time I notice he bad things keep happening to him, like 2 bad breaks ups, fights with his best friend that he was about to end their friendship but I step in and saved their friendship twice, they are back how they were a long time ago I know my friend is really happy because of that. Anyway even all the bad things that happening I still always pray for him and stay by his side. Anyway recently got really depressed and well he isn't talking to nobody, he only talking to me a little. He getting better now and talking a little more. But seeing him like that hurts my heart. I'm looking back and now Thinking and feel like I have brought him bad luck I don't want him to suffer anymore so thinking on ending my friendship with him after he gets better though the thought of ending my friendship with him breaking my heart even more and making me?cry a lot. I'm also thinking it's for the best I don't want him to be sad anymore or have bad luck, I just want him happy and well.
But what do I do! I don't want to lose him but I don't want him to be unhappy. I feel like I'm going to be a horrible person for leaving him even after all the things we went through together. I really don't know what to do!!!


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