sex with an older man

Would you have sex with an older man. If yes, up to what age ? Why yes, why no ?

I think i would ?and my maximum age would probably be about fourty or fifty. And i would because i think it would be fun to have someone that much oldef and bigger too he able too actually lift me in the air and fuck me while he is holding me in the air i think that would be fun and too do all the things while he is holding me i just think it would be super fun, sorry if i revealed too much in the wrong section im not proud of who i am but it is who i am.?

did you reveale to much ? I don't know. I like your idea of being held up and fucked in the air but do you not think that young men can do that as well ? I do believe that an older man will be able to treat you better sexually because he will take his time for things ...

If you feel like having a friend to talk to every now and than ... would it not be better to do so via email ?

Every guy ive been with has always wanted me either on my back or in doggy, i just wanna try something new is all and i feel liek an older man has the power too do it

I would cos I think they have experience and would know tricks to make you feel good and cum. I'd go to about 40 if he was nice lookin

Oh yea I would go as old as 60 if he was in shape with hair on his head, I hear that they really know how to please a woman, not as I call it a blow and go where as soon as he cums he stops, could you just imagine being with Richard Gere, or George Conley.

I quite fancy men with grey hair like silver foxes. I think they would care about majibg it a nice experience and they would pay for a posh hotel or have a nice house and car also.


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