So called 'friends'

I always thought that friends were supposed to be there for eachother no matter what. Well i guess i was wrong on that one.?
My now ex bestfriend had gotten with my ex boyfriends brother and in the beginning we used to all get on. Her boyfriend used to be alright and we used to be really good friends, then after about two weeks of them being together he split up with he and got back with his ex girlfriend and wanted us ?both to meet her so when we did we actually got on and it was all fine. I think he thought we would all argue or something like tha but we didnt. then after a few weeks he split up with his ex and got back with my bestfriend. His ex girlfriend confided in me that the only reason that he broke up with my bestfriend was because she was fat. So obviously since finding that out ive been abit suspicios of him and he had started to change towards me because i was friends with his ex. Me and my bestfriends boyfriend have had arguments and hes called me near enough all the names under the sun and she hasnt done anything to stop him while he was using HER phone to message me. Ive not spoken to my 'Bestfriend' in the whole 4 months that shes been with him.?

How are you supposed to deal with a bestfriend break up?

You need to talk to your friend again she may not have an idea what's going on, you need to tell her about him to warm her. If she doesn't listen than just tell her straight up how you feel than just leave if you need to cry than cry in front of her so she knows your actually telling the truth. After that and she not listening than that's when you can end your friendship but talking to her and deleting her number, it's going to hard right now but doom you'll make new friends and it'll be easier to deal with. Just right now don't give up on your friendship to easily like you did if she your best friend than fight for your friendship with her. Good luck!!!

better talk with your friend

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