Am I wrong to feel this way?

I'm not sure if it's right of me to feel the way I do. I know feelings aren't right or wrong, but still. I'm generally quite empathetic and sympathetic but I'm not in this case.

I was reading a news story out of South Africa where a man who had been convicted several times for molesting girls under the age of 8, and who was awaiting trial on yet another similar charge when he was attacked and eaten by sharks while skinny dipping. It wasn't a quick death either as the first shark's initial attack was in the man's ... privates, in waist deep water. He was then attacked again and eaten alive.

I know I shouldn't take any pleasure in the death of another person, but I can't really help it. It must have been a horrible way to die seeing where on his body he was first attacked, but I actually see that as sort of appropriately ironic in a way.

Is it wrong of me to feel this way?

Any other girls share my feelings on what happened to him?

Lol, good riddance. Hope it hurt like hell.?

Thanks. I was feeling a bit bad for thinking the man deserved what he got. You'll probably think I'm a bitch, but I actually found it a bit funny that the shark bit him between his legs first before coming back and eating him.
One of his previous victims, who is now 19 was interviewed about what happened to him, and she said "Good. I wish I could have been there to watch". Can't say I blame her for feeling that way.

It's not quite as brutal as the case in India a couple years ago where the group mothers got revenge on the guy who raped a bunch of little girls and was let go by police. Bastard!

Was really hoping more people might take the time to comment on this as I still wonder if my feelings on this are wrong.

Honestly I feel the same. What I liked the most about it is that no person went out to choose what he did or didn't deserve as a sentence. The forces of the universe came along and gave him what he deserved. I very heavily believe in karma and other spiritual ideals so I don't necessarily feel bad for that.

@ OmgItsRira Thanks for your reply, and thanks to WaterBaby and xisentialhippy as well.

When you say he deserved what happened to him, are you referring to him first getting his genitals bitten off, or being eaten alive? Or both?

Are the sorts of crimes he committed worthy of such a painful demise?

Molesting girls under the age of 8 is messed up. He got what he deserved, in both of what was bitten off and being eaten alive.

I see what you mean, OmgItsRira. No person was involved in his fate accept for him. Whether it was karma or just pure irony, it was like nature decided to take care of him.

I think we're all aware about the terrible situation in India with regards to rape and the seeming lack of concern the authorities often have in bringing the guilty to justice. I won't go into all the details here, but in a case from a few years ago, a group of mothers took revenge against a man who had raped several little girls (one who was 4 years old) and was released by police due to corruption. The mothers used feral cats on the man, and while he lived, he no longer has his sexual parts. Yet those women got time in prison whereas the male got no punishment other than what the women did to him. I feel bad for those little girls and those women, but I don't feel bad at all for the male.

I guess I shouldn't have posted this question. I really thought more people would have an opinion or be willing to provide their thoughts.


What is the name of the man? I want to do some research on this.

Too bad no one got it on camera

@ blueultraviolet Oh my gosh. I don't recall his name. I only remember that it took place in South Africa and I think it was a couple of years ago.

@ WaterBaby Do you mean the rapist who got eaten by the shark, or the incident in India where the mothers took revenge against the man who raped their daughters?

Why do you think it would be good if someone got it on video?

Who wouldn't want to see a rapist get shredded

@WaterBaby Could maybe make some money off of it. :)
Think you could watch a video of him getting his crotch bitten and then eaten alive?

In the case from India I mentioned above, the mothers all received lengthy prison sentences. :(
How outrageous considering the man bought his way out of being charged.

Molesting anyone is a terrible terrible thing. Molesting a child is so much worse.


I don't believe that killing people is right, and I'm firmly opposed to the death penalty. Obviously this man was not killed for his crime, but instead it was just a 'happy' coincidence, and I too have sometimes felt a feeling somewhat similar to pleasure in finding out about peoples deaths (dictators, war criminals etc.). However believing that someone should be killed for a crime they have commited is just not something I personally believe in. Should he serve a lengthy jail sentance? Absolutely - but putting the power in someones hands to decide whether or not to take a human life is awful.

Xistential Hippy's comment is proves that she is neither an existentialist or a hippy - "While the predominant value of existentialist thought is commonly acknowledged to be freedom" - "[Hippies] favored peace, love and personal freedom".

That was an excellent answer RachelH, and I try to conduct my life by just such a philosophy as you suggest.
I have no doubt that my own personal experiences as a little girl are largely responsible for how I feel about what happened to this man. I suppose the healing process continues. :)

Thanks for your thoughts.

May I just point out that, while its fine to agree to disagree, we could really do without the callouts.

@omgItsRira Yes, we really shouldn't be too critical of others views. I think it okay to challenge their opinions but we really shouldn't make it personal.

Another group of moms in India felt obligated to take action themselves due to inaction by the legal system. Right or wrong, a piece of broken glass and a river home to crocodiles helped to ensure no more preteen girls will be raped and mutilated by this man.

It does seem that there are more and more women taking such revenge against men who have raped them or someone they love. While removing someone's dick is somewhat medieval, I suppose there is a certain appropriateness when you consider the crime they have committed.

Bahahaha!!! This pleases me! Makes me happy that the universe gave him the justice he soooo deserved!

I would happily have watched that happen and not felt sorry for him one bit! I hope there were plenty of women there to watch this creep gets his junk ripped off and then get eaten alive.

Bravo shark!

Shark justice.? I like it.


Just how perfect is it that the shark not only ate him alive but started by eating ?his dick and nuts. The very thing he used to hurt little girls. :)

It's also perfect that no human committed this seeming act of justice. No human involvement at all.
Every year there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of cases where men get their dicks cut off or otherwise removed as revenge for, or to prevent rape, and usually at the hands of women. In this case, no woman had to face prison time or potential guilt/anxiety. Nature unknowingly took care of him.

LizzyGirl wrote "Every year there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of cases where men get their dicks cut off or otherwise removed as revenge for, or to prevent rape, and usually at the hands of women"


Wow that's kind've ironic that he died that way. I've always believed in karma. But to aswer your question, personally I agree with you to an extent. I feel the same ways as you do but I also know it's not my place to decide what judement/ punishment one deserves.Because in my belief saying someone for example deserves to lose an arm is just gonna bring bad karma on myself because im wishing harm on others. I don't know how to exactly phrase my thoughts so hopefully this isn't too confusing.?


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