Spring break 2018

I know its in advanced, but me and my 3 other friends that are girls want to go on spring break our senior year of high school. We live in Michigan, and none of us want to break the budget. However we do want to leave the state of corse but want to stay within the United States. Any ideas of where we could go? Not your typical party trashy towns please, either beach or tourist or mountains. Thanks in advance!?

Savannah, GA
St. Augustine, FL
Sarasota, FL


Hi, I've seen some excellent articles in the forum. I'm Dr. Tamayah. In this context, something like this you can look at right now is a good discussion. This is the equivalent of your words at Dr. Tama Dr Harley
Here's an idea to the community
Thank you!کف سابی ?? کفسابی ساختمان ? سنگسابی? نماشویی بدون داربست? پیچ رولپلاک نما
CLS Dr. Most students are having problems with the help of this community
This is a great idea, and the great Split RS was great
Peace sees you what is good

Split Rock Lighthouse, Two Harbors, Minnesota
​Grand Marais, Cook County, Minnesota
​Lookout Mountain, Cascade River Stake Park, Minnesota
Devil's Kettle Falls, Judge C R Magney State Park, Minnesota
​Gooseberry Falls State Park, Two Harbors Minnesota
​Boundary Waters, Minnesota
​(I live in Minnesota, and most of these places i have listed,
​i have been to, the only two I didn't go see was Lookout Mountain, because it's a
​long walk on the Cascade River Stake Park Trail to get to lookout mountain, and Boundary Waters, i might go to soon).
​Have fun, wherever you and you're friends end up going



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