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clothes??, I dunno, ummm my wallet/purse I guess.? Although there's lots of stuff in there that I need.

Do you consider yourself to be fashionable?

Totally no!! I was raised by my dad only so feeling comfy is my philosophy. :D I always try to look cute and feminine tho, if this counts

Do you keep a journal of your life? Like writing down all in a diary or something like that

Ummmm not exactly like my whole life.? But I do keep a journal...I write stuff in it, draw pictures, glue things in it sorta like a scrapbook.

What is the best piec eof advice anyone has ever given to you?

Just recently by dad and about college, he said: The best career is not the one that will make rich but the one that will make you smile every morning :)

What's the nickname your friends call you by?

Fi, FIFi, Shrek

Would you want to know the date of your death?

No: it would stress me out.
what is your dream car?


what was your first word?

pretty sure it was either mama or some form of dad.? I've never asked though.

Have you ever been admitted for a mental evaluation?

No but maybe I should?
have you ever got to school and discovered that your skirt was on backwards, that is if it isn't a wrap around?

skirt?? no.? but I have ended up at school with my shirt backwards several times.

Have you ever thrown your cell phone out of frustration/anger?

Only once - resulted in a cracked screen

favourite drink for the morning

Vodka!!... Haha no, not true, milk or orange juice are ok

What image do you have as the wallpaper of your phone?

Lake Louise in Canada - I loved it there, so peaceful

when did u last laugh out loud

Awhile ago, a friend of mine texted me a funny joke :p

About friends, do you prefer quality or quantity?

Quality for sure.

Have you ever been arrested/involved with the police?

Not really, it could've been with the firefigthers tho but nope, not even them

What's your biggest treasure in life??

Honestly, its my family.? That is most important for me in my life.

What would you do if you found out you had only one year left to live?

i'd travel around the world with my family

Have you ever had a fight? image

yes, i've been in a couple

How were you punished as a child? (i.e. spankings, timeouts, mom//dad taking away things, etc...)

Spanked with a leather belt

when were you most scared?

A few years ago, before a surgery

Have you ever been to the South Pole? (where the penguins live)

No!? But I think it would be COOL to go....heheheheheh

Have you ever taken a ride on an elephant?

Nope, only horses, yeehaw!!

What was your favorite cartoon when younger?

ummm i was into spongebob squarepants for a

Do you ever like to headbang to your rock music?

All the time \m/

Are you a professional air guitar player?

Of course.? I have mad skills.

Which new star wars movie did you like more?? Force Awakens?? or Rogue One?

Rogue One, like we finally got a real war movie, you know star WARS :p

If you had to choose a day between going out with your friends or staying home for a family day, what would you do?

well if i had to choose, i'd go out with friends.

which actor is your favorite James Bond?

I really like Sean Connery but the last one is more my time and I like his work too

Shoes or barefoot? often as possible.

Has anyone ever made fun of the way you talk?

Yup, not often tho but it has happened

When did you last have a haircut?

ummm i got my bangs trimmed a few weeks ago.

who was the first person you had a real crush on?

like space
I really wish I'll see planet space travel

What's your favourite sign? (horoscope zodiac sign)

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