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ummm i was into spongebob squarepants for a

Do you ever like to headbang to your rock music?

All the time \m/

Are you a professional air guitar player?

Of course.? I have mad skills.

Which new star wars movie did you like more?? Force Awakens?? or Rogue One?

Rogue One, like we finally got a real war movie, you know star WARS :p

If you had to choose a day between going out with your friends or staying home for a family day, what would you do?

well if i had to choose, i'd go out with friends.

which actor is your favorite James Bond?

I really like Sean Connery but the last one is more my time and I like his work too

Shoes or barefoot? often as possible.

Has anyone ever made fun of the way you talk?

Yup, not often tho but it has happened

When did you last have a haircut?

ummm i got my bangs trimmed a few weeks ago.

who was the first person you had a real crush on?

like space
I really wish I'll see planet space travel

What's your favourite sign? (horoscope zodiac sign)

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