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Carbabas(if i spelled it right) their Italian food is life,YASSSS lol

Your fav perfume to wear?

I don't really have a favorite because I'm not in love with the one I use now, but what I do use is French Vanilla Lavender and Beautiful Day from Bath and Body.

What is something you do that is relaxing or therapeutic to you?

I love doing yoga to relax or do aromatheprhy xx

You went to fair?

I went with my bae. We went on a day that there weren't many people there, so we didn't have to wit long for anything. We had fun despite the small amount of rides, and we're realizing how old we are by the amount of nausea and neck pain during and after.?

Did you see the first or second Blair Witch movie? If so, did you like it?

I haven't seen the blair witch ( i don't like scary movies)

Have you evern gone to bath and body works and spent well over 100 dollars ?

Not that I can recall but I know I'm like a kid in a candy store in there!?

What is the highest floor you've ever been on in a building?

4th floor
how has the year been for you?

Garbage. Eventful, but garbage.

Where did you go on your last outing? (you don't have to give a specific location. Mall, park, etc, will do)?

A coworker (he's an old High School buddy) and I traveled an hour and a half to see the original Rocky Horror Picture Show on the big screen - complete with a live stage "shadow cast". 😍😍😍

Whats the last franchise sit-down restaurant you've ate at?

Burger King

When did you last cry and why?

earlier this afternoon.? because I told my boyfriend I was going to miss him when he goes away to college.

What was the color of the last pair of socks you wore?

^^^ Aww so sorry to hear that *hug*

- - - - -

Oh my, that was so long ago, white!! Due my old school uniform.

Do you hate sea food?

No...I actually really enjoy most of it.

Do you still have a night light in your room?

Nope but I do have a small flashlight on my night table

What's your least favorite song performed by your favorite band?

Light Grenades 9Incubus)? just don't really like that song

Do you wear any perfume?? If so, what kind?

I do have a Carolina Herrera for those special times, for my daily life I usually buy the cheapest I can find haha

How many pair of shoes do you have?

oh wow i haven't rounded them all up and organized them in a while....probably at least 10

What is your favorite kind of soap/body wash to use in the shower?

I've heard some girls don't like it but Dove works for me

What's your last thought before falling asleep?

Oh tomorrow I need to.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz? lol

who was your last text message from?

SMS: one of my friends asking me if she should wash her car

Chat service: my friend from Saint Dee-Eh Go!! :D

What mobile phone do you have, iPhone or Android?


What makes you feel afraid?

You mean like spiders and the darkness? Well, spiders and a litle bit the darkness

Do you like country music?

Not most of it...but there are a few songs I like.

Have you ever seen a broadway show??

Nope, I've seen plays at school tho haha

How would you name your dog?

Vladimir :D I didn't even think of that name until I saw something today about a cat called Vladimir and I decided that my next pet (and I don't care whether its a guinea pig or cat or dog or goldfish) is getting named Vladimir :D

you forgot to ask a question!

How late can you sleep in if you have absolutely nothing going on during the morning/day?

Depending on what I'm doing. Watching a movie, until it's over. Playing PS3, until I finish a level or I rage quit. Chatting, until there's nothing more to say because my brain fell asleep like an hour ago haha

Do you prefer to stay up late or wake up early in the morning

at least till 10am, sometimes later lol.

what time do you wake up to go to school? how long do you take to get ready?

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I used to wake up at 6 am and it usually takes me half an hour to get ready, including the shower

What teams (sports) do you cheer for?

San Diego Padres, San Diego Gulls, SDSU Aztecs (basketball and football), LA Kings, and I was Charger fan too....but nowwwwwwwwwwww, I dunno lol.

Do you have any trophies/ribbons for winning anything?

Yes, I have some medals I won at school and one of them is for championship in Soccer!!

What's the perfect breakfast for you?

Chocolate chip pancakes,scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast with jam with a big glass of orange juice.

How do you like your eggs prepared?

Over easy.

favorite pizza topping?

Ham, mushrooms, bacon and extra cheese!!

What's that one thing that you can't leave home without?

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