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Yes I did, but I was a very depressed child on the inside. I cried all the time.?

Are you self conscious about your feet?

Oh :/

Nope, I love showing off my feet c:

You bite your nails off?

Not anymore. But I do keep them trimmed short.

Have you ever witnessed a house fire?

Yes, it was a school morning and I thought it was bright light until I drove down there to look.

Your family is very big?

Big is actually an understatement. 😋 My Dad is the 6th child of 12 so imagine their kids branching out and their kids branching out and so on. I've got 3rd cousins. And my Mom's side is large as well but not quite as large.

If you were on death row what would your last meal be?


Probably an entire carrot cake with buttercream icing. If I'm gonna die, might as well indulge...

If you were a billionaire and you could only donate to 3 charities, what kind of charities would you donate to? (specific ones or just a cause in general)

Cancer research, ASPCA, Environmental Protection and Conservation.

Have you ever been in a cave?

Yes, I have been to some. Mostly on holidays, I think.

When did you learn to swim?

I would love to like in Paris!
What would your dream pet be?


I don't thnk you understand this game.?

Your favorite bath bomb?

Tisty Tosty, Sex Bomb, and Space Girl from Lush

?Do you dye your hair often? If so, what colors have you dyed it?

I always try to achieve some color that is at least a bit close to red, but since my hair is naturally very dark brown, no color stays on it well. I try twice a year for fun.

Are you able to type without looking at the keyboard??

Definitely, lol.?

How many vehicles do you own and what kind?

1 ?white Dodge Neon

Do you name your cars?

(My first car was a Dodge Neon 😜).?

Yes I do!
My Mustang is "Ol' Girl" and my Silverado is "Cherry Bomb", named after the song.

Do you think you would do well on a safari?

After I get over the "oh shit that's a lion and it's right freaking there" kind of thing, I'd love it

How did you find Gurl?

i don't remeber XDi searched sites for pre teens
who's your fav disney princess?

I don't have one.?

Do you have a weird birthmark?

what type of music do u listen 2?

Metal, mostly. But I'm open to most genres.

Do you own anything that's antique?

Oh I own a ton of antique stuff. I love going antique shopping and yard saling. My favorite is the worn out cameo ring passed down to me after my grandmother passed. My mom says it's almost, if not already, a hundred years old.

If you could time travel, what time and place would you go?

vicotrian times i would be in a castle or the 80s lol
do u have a favorite color?


Do you own any crop tops?

Yes I do! At one point in time (a few years ago) I wore them out in public! Now they're collecting dust since I've gotten fat, lol. Maybe one day I can wear them again..

What is your favorite stuffed animal?

Hmm, I have a few, but the one I've been sleeping with most is a build-a-bear that my mom got me when my parents moved away with a recording of her voice in it and a little heart that beats when you squeeze it. I don't care how old I get, I'm gonna love stuffed animals forever.?

What's something from your childhood that you still have?


a stuffed animal it reminds me of a motherly figure in my childhood

what's the most expensive thing you own?

Hm..probably my Mustang.?

What model of TV do you have?

We don't have a TV anymore.?

How many rooms does your apartment/house have??

3 bedrooms (6 rooms total).

If there were no risks, would you sit outside during a thunderstorm?

No way

Have you been to atleast one concert this summer ?

I have never been to a concert :(, but if Avril Lavigne ever has another tour, I'll definitely go to that.

If you could pick any name in the world, which first and last names would you pick?

Just "Nocturna." That'd be my full name, lol.

What are your plans this weekend?

I was just going to relax this weekend because i have been working the past three in a row, my brother's home just for the weekend so i'm just relaxing with him

Favorite summer memory ?

Trips to the lake with my family to boat/swim. Or from previous summers - motorcycle rides with my sweetie.

What's the best restaurant you've ever been to?

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