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Oops wrong one ,my big wallet ,(has cash phone etc).

would you live in a mansion in the city or cottage in the woods?.

Both sound nice but if I had to choose I'd say cottage. I like the thought of seclusion and nature around me.?

Do you watch any talk shows? If so which one(s)?

When I had cable I loved watching Craig Ferguson, Jon Stewart, John Oliver, and Steven Colbert.

Descride a special place you would go to that brings back good memories (like an amusement park, hotel, park, spot in the woods you liked to play at, etc)

"The Clay Cafe."
In my town, when I was in my teen years, there was thing hangout place for all of the "goths" (I don't stereotype anymore but that's what we were, lol) and all of my friends and I used to do really goofy and crazy stuff. It was a two story house and the guy that owned it lived upstairs.

What is the most physical pain you've ever experienced?

Nothing really that was too painful,heh. Probably an ab workout lol

You have more than 2 piercings?

No, I had my ears pierced at one time, but I'm allergic to fake metals (at least when they're like, sitting in my skin for long periods of time), so when I switched them out with earing that weren't real gold, silver, or just hypoallergenic, they got distgustingly infected. That and I have this weird thing with piercings and skin. Like I think they're cool, just putting them in grosses me out for some reason.

You have/want a tattoo?

I have 6 so far with plans for many more, including a sleeve on my right arm.?

Do do you get stressed out when it comes to life changes?

Dude yes, I am right now.?

You are brutally honest with people to their face?


I wouldnt say in a brutal way but I am blunt with advice(if they ask) or my opinion,in a respectful way, of course.

You are a too sensitive person?

Unfortunately yes. I cry too easily.

Were/are you in any honors programs or won any academic awards in school?

Plenty c:

You start college soon?

Never went like I should have when I was young.?

What's one color that you surprisingly look good in?

Yellow :3

You are a last mintue person?

pretty much, I procrastinate like crazy, lol??????you know how to?a stick shift car??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Introvert or extrovert??

Introvert of course!?

Would you prefer watching movies at home or going to the theater to see them?

Going out to see them. It's nice leaving the house every once in a while.

Do you enjoy going to weddings?

Not really. The last wedding I went to had an open bar though, so I drank like 4 glasses of wine. 🤓

At this very moment are you craving a certain food(s)?

No, I just ate more than I probably should have so I'm good for a while x3

What's your favorite place to go on vacation?

Unfortunately I've only had the privilege of going to a handful of places so far but best of all for me was Ft. Walton, Florida in 2012. Condo rental overlooking the beach, white sands, I had a beautiful, slim figure before I got fat so I looked great in the new bathing suits I shopped for down there, great restaurants and beautiful scenery.?

Where's the oddest place you've dozed off to sleep?


Hm, probably in my closet when I was a kid. Or in church.

Do you have any snacks you like that other people think are weird to eat?


Yep. Though I haven't eaten them in years. I eat the salty shells on peanuts.

Do you always use a clearcoat when you paint your nails?

No lol besides my obession with fries and BBQ sauce

Three famous people you want to meet?

Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Hiddleston and Anna Paquin.

What is your a absolute favorite cookie?

Golden oreos!!! :DDD

One favorite thing your SO did for you?

The most recent things that I can think of right now are when he came home with flowers for me after I got back from visiting family for a couple weeks, and taking me to a cliff with a beautiful overlook of a rock quarry and the mountains that he found.

What is your favorite kind of flower?

Roses. I love them!

Do you have a vegetable garden? If so, what's planted in it? If not, what WOULD you have?

Man I WISH. I would have just about everything, especially broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, and spaghetti, acorn, butternut, and buttercup squashes and pumpkins. Can't wait for the day that I have the space to do that, and hopefully they won't die before they even sprout.

What kind of fruits would you grow?

Berries,apples,pineapples, and grapes :3333 Im a fruit addict lol?

You hate driving?

It's not that I hate it. I just hate being bad at things and since I'm new to driving I'm not as good as I want to be, so it makes me frustrated. x)?

Have you ever played any of the Dark Souls video games??

No, but I've watched my bf play it.

What's some of your favorite childhood video games?

Crash Titans and mortal kombat :D

One thing you wished you did as a teen?

You should try it sometime :) Hmm probably Crash Bandicoot but I played a lot that I like.

What's the worst injury you've ever gotten


Hmmm, I sprang an ankle lol I never really hurt myself. Well, I stuck arm in oven and oven mitten wasnt long enough and hot oven racked burned my arm but nothing too bad c:

You got your tooth knocked out before?

@Dawn989: I wish I went out more with my friends and was a feminist earlier. And I wish I casually dated more.?
@Sardonyx: Either when I crashed my bike and got a bunch of road burn and gashes that I still have scars from and will for a good long time, or when I sprained my wrist from tripping in a library like an idiot when I was a kid.

What kinds of clothes do you wear a lot?

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