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I'm feeling better about my style lately, especially since I've been trying new things and buying more "mature" clothing, I guess. Like things that make me look 20 and not 16. That I've dived face first into makeup.

What clubs or things of the like were you apart of during high school?

I was apart of yearbook team and Pharmtech(extra class) c:

You are into chokers?


Yup :) I have like 5 of them. They're mostly those strechy kinds that were popular back in the lare 90s/early 2000s

You have a blog?

Mine are studded,basic black band with a letter,a tattoo choker, and i just bouhgt another lol c:

No, I was looking into getting one to help people with cooking vegan meals,etc c:?

You and your SO live together?

Yes. It's been pretty good. Just wish we had some more space in this box of an apartment.

How did you meet your SO?

On a dating site, 2 years strong x?

How did you meet your SO? C:

We met our last year of high school. We went to the same school all 4 years and even had at least one class together freshman year, but never spoke to each other until senior year. We were just in the same friend circle and he was one of the only guys I'd ever liked that actually acknowledged that I existed. Plus he was (and still is) ridiculously cute. Over 2 and 1/2 years <3

What kinds of things do you and your SO do together?

We like relaxing at my house or going to park xx He love skating too and trying new foods together. I would buy hauls of food and we try them :p its fun^^ or he makes goodies from scatch like cake and cake icing that he lets me try. We do simple,fun things too :33

One thing your SO that made you smile ear to ear?

Little things are always the best things :)

He isn't normally SUPER lovey dovey, but lately he's been caressing my face and playing with my hair while we watch netflix. Usually when he did that, he'd do it for like two seconds and then try to be funny and go from petting my face to squishing it or something. That and when we go to bed he'll turn and just look at me and I'll look at him and it's just so nice. I've been absolutely loving it.

What is one character trait of your SO and one of yourself that you love?

Thats too cute(: I love when my SO rubs my back or gives me a good squeeze x He does many thing that just makes me blush so much,especially when he calls me"Kitty"

I love how supportive and protective(Not in obessed way,of course) he is x He just makes sure I am fine overall,which I do the same for him. I feel safe with him and I love my supportive,caring trait. I support loved ones with their choices,etc.

When did you and your SO move in together and how did you two decide to live together?

Awwww x3

We moved in together a little over year ago, because of a weird living situation with my family going on and I wasn't ready to leave him. So I just went to school here and we decided to live together. It's not like a rule or anything that we have to continuously live in the same apartment, I'm fine with him living with his friends like he was planning on doing and me in another apartment. I've enjoyed having him around all the time, I think it's had some good and bad effects on our relationship. Honestly wish we didn't have to that early into our relatonship, considering there weren't many other options. Mostly because it's made us both feel like we had to jump right into adulthood before we were really ready, but I mean, life happens.?

What was you and your SO's first date?

You went to school as in college or...? Youre right life happens,though. Good luck to you two(:

Our first date was at a skating rink :3 it was fun because we really didnt do much skating with our shaky legs :p and I made us fall a few times lol. I was like "Oh my gosh,hes real!" He looked very good in person.

Nickname you call your SO?

College. We didn't live together at first because we were in dorms, but then when it came time for summer break, we moved in together because apartment are waaaay less expensive.

After watching the Peanuts Movie, "My sweet babboo", but before it was just babe and sometimes babydoll over text.

What are your nicknames for your SO?

I see. Compared to dorms and apartments, I would think apartments ar eless expensive. I dont know.

Aww,heh. I call mine snug bug c:?

You have a pet that your SO doesnt like?

YUP. He hates my cat.

What was your favorite date with your SO?

Beans lol but I love a good variety of foods :3 I love trying new foods

You have long natural nails?


I have fairly?long nails but not exactly natural.

What has been your favorite question is this thread so far?

I cant choose but surely he questions between WaterBaby and I about our SO :3

You are on birth control??

Kinda, Im more of a bra and panty addict :p

Why are you planning to get off of it?

Either Halloween or Christmas

Halloween because fall is the best season and I love all the Halloween specials on tv. And Christmas because of the decorations and family stuff and of course, presents. And for both I love the anticipation of it.

What's your favorite Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle, White Barn, etc candle/fragrence?

I only been to Bath and Body works and I love many of there perfumes but my current fav from them is called Thousand wishes c:

your number one go to perfume is?


You shop from VS?

No, never even been in the store. I've always assumed everything in there is way more expensive than I care to pay for when there's stuff at F21 that has things that are just as, if not more, cute.

What's your favorite clothing store?


YES Amanda motherfrickin Palmer. She was two feet away from me and all I could do was grin like an idiot and say "thank you so much!" and act gddy as a schoolgirl as I walked away with my bf.

Which celebrity would you like to meet?

My dream home would be in England.
What is your favourite movie from the 80s or 90s?

Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire, Labyrinth, and a ton of Disney/Pixar movies.

If you based your style of clothing on any decade, what would it be?

Probably 50's.

Tattoos? If so, what do you have and what does it mean to you?

I have no tattoos,heh.

You had a good childhood?

Oh :/

Nope, I love showing off my feet c:

You bite your nails off?

Yes, it was a school morning and I thought it was bright light until I drove down there to look.

Your family is very big?

Probably an entire carrot cake with buttercream icing. If I'm gonna die, might as well indulge...

If you were a billionaire and you could only donate to 3 charities, what kind of charities would you donate to? (specific ones or just a cause in general)

Yes, I have been to some. Mostly on holidays, I think.

When did you learn to swim?

I would love to like in Paris!
What would your dream pet be?


I don't thnk you understand this game.?

Your favorite bath bomb?

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