Getting to know you

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Oh lord no I'm already short enough.

Who is your favorite (or top 3 favorite) female singer?

Taylor Swift

What is your favorite kind of music

I have a balanced love for pop and rock xx

You are flexible?

lol NOPE. I've been doing a little yoga off and on for about a year and I still can't even straighten my legs out completely x3

Do you like big cities or small towns or in between?

In between :3

You want to live in another state?

YES. I want to live in another region.

Are you serious about protecting the environment?


Kinda but I feel like the damage has already been done to try to change it.

You have a weird obession with cheese?

I wouldn't say and obssession, but I do like it a lot.

Ever been on a cruise?

No,too paranoid lol

How many states have you traveled to?

At least 13 if you don't count all the states we had to drive through to get to our destination for one of them.?

Which states do you want to visit?

Hmm, I dont have any I specifically want to visit but I wouldnt mind traveling to different states(Ive been to a few)

You live in northen or southern state?


It's easy for you to eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting??

True c:

What is something you are good at cooking that people love?

Stuffed bell pepper soup!

How many pairs of flip flops do you think you own?

2 lol

You are happy with your curves?

I don't like the way my body looks

How do you usually style your hair?

In a bun or all down OR lol with sides twisted back woth res of hair down

You like braids? c:

Yes, but I'm not very good at doing braids XD XD XD

What is your favorite kind of pizza

Thin crust, no pepperonis but a whoooole bunch of mushrooms and chicken!?

What is your most prized (materialistic) possession?

My high school diploma

What colors have you dyed your hair

I never dyed it

You hate cereal?

Eh I don't really like it or hate it

What is your favorite season, and why?

Summer - because I despise cold weather and most of my family functions (swimming, boating, grilling out) take place during Summer.

If your life could be compared to any movie, what would it be?

No idea. :p

You are currently stressed?

Currently? Try always.

What was or is your strongest educational subject?

English and PharmTech(everything but not alot of math) :p

You always peak out your shower when you shower because you think someone watching?


I only take baths but no. I'm not a paranoid person. And I have a .40 caliber pistol on the other side of the wall. I'm never scared in my home. 😆

What movie have you watched many times throughout your life?

Monsters Inc c:

You have a tazer? :o

I do not.

How do you like your coffee?

Semi-sweet. Plenty of both creamer and sugar (not exactly sure how much).

How often do you go boat riding?

Not very often. Hopefully will in the near future, though.

What are your favorite childhood movies?

Oh, dear...We would be here ALL day if I made a list! Lol.
I grew up on mostly adult-ish movies. I was into horror when I was like 7 or so so my answer is Halloween 1 and 2, The Faculty, Jurassic Park and The Lost Boys.

Other than your own, what is your favorite ethnic cuisine?

Italian!! i think about pasta pretty much always

If you could live in a house from any TV show, what would it be?

The Munsters home. 😅

If a natural disaster were to occur and you only had minimal time to prepare, what materialistic possession (family and pets aside) would you grab that's most important to you?

Somewhere tropical,beautiful,peaceful.

would you rather have a mansion or a cottage?.

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