Getting to know you

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^ 😅😅😅 I would've done the same!

Matamata, New Zealand!

What's the last compliment you received?

That I looked pretty today

What song are you listening to right now, if any?

None but the song System by Korn is stuck in my head x

You ?wish you had a different eye color?

I like my blue eyes, but I wish they were brighter and more noticeable like my brother's.

How many concerts have you gone to and who were the artists?

None :p I want to go to some,though

You watched the movie "Roots"?

I have not

Do you like skirts and dresses?


Are you angered easily?


When you get your point across and argument is still being provoked, do you argue back or leave it alone all together?

Usually leave it alone!

How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

In the mountains where there's a lot of snow

How tall are you??


What is the the very best dish you have ever made?

Hmm, I cook alot and if i had to choose one, I would say vegan goulash c:

Are you happy with your weight?

Heeeeell no! I want to lose 30+ lbs!

You've sat and watched YouTube videos for 3+ hours?

Yup. I don't do it so much now as I did when I was a kid, but if you think I won't sit and watch videos of a people crushing random objects with hydraulic presses or pooring molten metal into other random objects, you are INCORRECT.

What's your favorite restaurant??

Carrabba's c:

You love your current job?

It's okay

Have you ever had braces

No,planning to get them c:

You have a garden?

Sadly no. I'd love to would die. That and I think it's actually against my lease to have any kind of garden. Not that there's much room for one anyway or that I'd want to have one where I live right now.

What was/is your favorite class in high school?

I didn't really have one, honestly. I struggled in school and wanted out badly.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Working as a nurse in some hospital somewhere. Married with a few kids and a dog.

What's your favorite outfit?

I can't fit it anymore but it's a black mesh top (that I got over a bathing suit top), a black skirt and 4 inch platforms. It's my " metal concert outfit." 😊

Do you lose as many batteries as I do? 😂

I don't really use batteries so I don't really know XD

Be honest: do you like taking selfies

Not really but I like taking pics of my food lol

You own "stripper heels"?

I did but I threw them away, if that counts.?

If you had to name a baby after a character from Greek mythology - which name would you choose?

Definitely Artemis for a girl. Not sure about a boy just yet.

What Roman mythology name would you give your child?

Bacchus for a boy.
Aurora for a girl.?

What NORSE Mythology names would you use for a baby? 🤓

Eostra, Eir, or Freya for a girl and Baldur or Odin for a boy

If you could choose to be a mythical creature, what would it be?

A Cyclops, so I could eat people.?

If no health hazards ensued, what food would you eat so much of until you totally got tired of it?


What food would you eat 24/7 if there was no health hazard?

Oh god there's so many. Probably the Enlightenment salads with honey mustard from The Mellow Mushroom. I could eat that for days.

Do you enjoy going to art museums?

Yes x

You tear up cutting onions?

OH GOD YES AND IT'S HORRIBLE. I have to do it at work and it takes forever because I'm standing there trying get the burning to stop while also trying to keep from getting raccoon eyes.

What's your favorite cereal?

Lol :p I know the struggle with that.

Corn flakes the kind that are very plain c:

Youve had 2 jobs in last year?

No! Minus one layoff I've been at the same job since a year after graduating High School!

You sleep with your hair up because it bugs the crap out of you?

Yes, or I braid it up c:

You want to be shorter?

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