This or That (clean)

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Long nails or short nails?

I like my nails long, but my boyfriend likes them short

Cherry Pie or Apple Pie?

Apple pie!!

Bikini or one piece

When I must Bikini (Nothing Is Better) ?When Swimming From School The Rules is One Pirce.

Have You Tan Lines?

^^^ That's not a this or that question :p... But nope, I haven't had the chance to sunbath yet

Wendy's or Carl's Jr.

Carls Jr.

Pizza Hut or Dominos


Chocolate or gummy bears


Ice cream toppings: Rainbow sprinkles or whipped cream and a cherry

Rainbow sprinkles!!

In your world what is Football? Grab the ball with your hands and run with it OR kick the ball and run behind it

football :p the american sport.

Who would you rather have as your personal bodyguard...Legolas or Gimli?

Legolas for sure, regardless he's an elf, he's a totally badass!!

What shoe do you put on first, left or right?


Are you a note taker or a memorizer?

I'm good at memorizing things, mostly numbers but tbh my short term memory is a little lazy haha so, I take notes every now and then

Natural milk or chocolate milk

Chocolate milk of course

Traveling on a plane...window seat or aisle seat?

Window seat.?

Pants or skirts?


For the most romantic dinner you can imagine: tacos or pizza?

Pizza but I'm not sure how romantic a pizza would be lol. Probably better and less mess than tacos though :)

Mac or windows?

Right now I have a Windows but I do prefer Mac

Popcorn, butter or extra butter?

extra butter

coffee or tea?

Tea but coffee is good too.

Toast or croissants?


cereal or oatmeal?

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For Summer, beach or camping?


hot dogs or burgers


What movie should I buy? Logan or Lego Batman


CD or vinyl?

This is a hard one!! But I'm going with CDs because you can't play a vinyl in the car haha

Ramones or Sex Pistols

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