This or That (clean)

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Must you make me choose? 😞😞😞😞
If I have to......fried.?

Grape koolaid or fruit punch koolaid?


Would you rather see a play or movie?

A movie?

Take a cruise or roadtrip?


Camping or Hotel?

Hotel, I have a peoblem with sleeping outside like that in a tent :p

Back massage or foot rub?

Back message.?

Psychology or math?


many shoes or many clothes?

Oohh... Cupcakes

Apples or Bananas?

Where did you see a question that called for that answer?

Right, seems like you answered off topic once before.

Dressing or vinaigrette?

Neither :o I never had vinaigrette

Salad or cooked greens?

Ooh Cupcakes!
M n M's or Skittles?

Flroida or California??


Cut it out.


Airships or submarines?


Guitar or drums?

Hmm, probably guitar.?

Heath Ledger or Jared Leto as The Joker?

Heath Ledger, hands down. No comparisons. 😍

Horror or comedy?

Horror. Like psychological thriller kind of horror or Stranger Things kind of horror. Not really slasher.

Do you listen to the radio or video game soundtracks as background music?


Yes, but mainly for tv shows or movies

You need braces?

Snakes or spiders?

Spiders, I don't mind them but snakes are creepy

cat or dog


Tropic or Arctic?


Love or Hate ?

Love, is it really a hard decision?

Manual or automatic transmission car?

Automatic, but I would like to learn manual. My reasoning isn't even simply "so I can drive any car", it's more of "if I'm trying to get away from a murderer chasing me and a stick shift is the only car there that I can get away in, I'm screwed."

Shower in the morning or at night?


Sleeping in or getting up early in the morning?

I can't choose either. I work 3rd.

Ford or Chevy?


work hard or being lazy ?

LegallyBrunette?yes sometime it is difficult, but I prefer love, not hate :)

Being lazy.

Pepsi or Coke?

Pepsi :)?
Heal shoes or flat shoes ?

Heels (though I looked like a deranged horse in them because my legs are long and I can't walk right in them, lol).

Sunny and cold OR Dreary/Rainy and warm?

Hard choice,because if they are too fllat my feet will hurt :p

Nachos or frito pie?


Little Debbie or Hostess?

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