This or That (clean)

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Superhero :33

No phone for month or no internet for month?

No internet.

Green or yellow?

Yellow, I dont think green looks good on me. Besides yellow is so bright and pretty!

Hotdogs or corndogs?

Hotdogs, probably

Go without cuddling for the rest of your life, or without chocolate for the rest of your life?

Go without chocolate. A life not being able to hold my boyfriend against me is a life not worth living.?

Marvel or DC?

idk, Marvel I guess

Always be followed by a crowd of fans, or be alone and unnoticed forever?

Followed by fans.?

Sailing the seas or flying the skies?

Neither,phobia of big bodies of water and afraid of heights lol

Fan of Orange is the new black or no?

Nah.?Watched the first 30 seconds, saw tits and turned it off. 😂

Going fishing or going mudding?


I did the same lmao
I never tried either but probably mudding

Matte or regular lipstick?

Matte. Elf cosmetics matte to be exact.

Winged eyeliner or no?

I've always wanted to try it but I know I'll f*ck it up...😫😫😫 Winged eyeliner.?

Hats or headbands?

Hats c: I love v for vendetta type hats.

Manicure or pedicure?

hear or see?


Winter or summer?

cold or hot?

Tough one.hmm,Ill say warm :p Well,probably cold?

Fries or tater tots?


Hot dogs or chili dogs?


Good shower or nice bath soak?

Shower. I always goof off until the water gets uncomfortably cold and then I'm stuck in it whileI actually clean myself.

Having multiple jobs or having one career?

Multiple jobs because I would have to be very sure I want to have that career for the rest of my life. Besides, I have many things I like to try out with jobs x

You are a fan of Harry Potter?

one career.popcorn: butter or no butter?

Butter c:

Tacos or nachos?


Tie-dye or stripes?

Stripes :33

Movie of book or reading book?

Reading book x10000

Zebra print or leopard print on a dress?


Swimming or boating?


Gold or silver (jewelry wise)?


Golden oreos or regular ones? c:

Regular ones of course

Iphone or android?

iPhone. Even though I hate this effer sometimes.?

Beanie or baseball cap?

Beanie, definitely.

Modern or vintage?

Vintage more but both?

Bacon or chicken nuggets?

Vintage. 😍

Baby piggy or baby horse?

Piggy !!!

Fried or baked?

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