This or That (clean)

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The latter

Have a graduation party and your worst enemy shows up or have no graduation party

No graduation party

Pool or lake

Lake? rules

Thunderstorm or drizzly day/

Thunderstorm sounds good!

Waffles or pancakes?


You tried a diet and quit the same day?

Yes! Haha

Waffles / pancakes with or without syrup

With! Eww I could never eat them without syrup. 😝

Sprite or 7up?


Have bad bretah for a day with no mints or have body odor with no shower?

Bad breath I guess D:

Be suspended from social media or gurl for a week

Social media.

Long baths or long showers?

Long baths, I like to relax

Have hair that is permanently green or hair that is permanently orange (you cannot dye it)?


tv or movie


Gatorade or powerade?


Pandas or Polar bears?

Pandas, they seem more like lazy babies.

Disney or Dreamworks?


Coke or Pepsi?


Cycling or walking

Uphill, walking. Downhill, cycling. (What can I say, I'm lazy.)

Win the lottery or find true love?

Find true love

Diet or regular soda


Spooning or face to face snuggling?

Spooning, I can only breathe his air for so long.

Rollercoasters or water rides?

Water rides c:

Rap or country music?

Rap. Country music makes me want to shove stakes into my ears.

Leggings or jeans?

Leggings x

Vegan or vegetarian?

Vegetarian. I do enjoy the dairy. I'm actually pescetarian, though :3

Religious or not?

Interesting xx


Heels or no?

No, I'd hurt myself x3

Skirts and dress or pants?

I can manage walking in them lol but not for too long
skirts and dresses :3?

No hair or hairy?(body and head)

I don't shave much but naturally I have very little hair on my body. My head has...decent average amount of hair.

Would you rather be able to fly or turn invisible?

Ugh..hard to choose! I'd love both!?
I guess invisibility.?

Disco ball or strobe lights?

Strobe lights. BRING ON THE ROCK :D

Only be able to wear fancy old-timey dresses for the rest of your life, or only sexy lingerie? (you can't wear anything over the lingerie)

Lol gurrrrrrl, you made it tough with that one :p
The old fancy dresses lmao

Shave off your eyebrows or lose all your teeth?


Shave off my eyebrows. They'll grow back and I can even learn to draw them on, or even have them tattooed on. I need my teeth and those don't grow back!

If there was a budget that only allowed one of these options and you were in charge of making the decision of which it went to, which one would you choose? Space exploration or ocean exploration?


Ocean,quite a few reasons why.?

LOng hair or short hair?

Short hair. It's easier to deal with

Be a ninja or a superhero?

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