This or That (clean)

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Zip-up jacket or pull-over hoodie?

Pull over hoodie

Shaped eyebrows or natural eyebrows?

Both :P

You wax?

Gonna have to say false. It's a rare occurance.

You could enjoy an Italian meal over a Mexican meal any day?


Milk chocolate or dark chocolate

Vegan dark chocolate c:

Small car or suv?

small car

horror films or comedy?


Wedding or just go to courthouse and sign papers for marriage?

Wedding for sure

Have food poisoning for 24 hours or have a cold for a week

Food poisioning lol

Play a game of Saw or face your biggest fear?

Face your biggest fear

Water or soda

Soda (but I'm kicking my addiction).

Be stuck in a rain storm or be stuck in a snow storm?

Tough one..hmmm snow c:
Be in room for 7 hours with annabelle doll and chucky or be lost in forest for 7 hours with jason and michael myers?

I don't believe in the supernatural so I'll stay with a couple of dolls for 7 hours. 🙂

Broccoli or carrots?

Carrots c:

Be hairy or hairless(including your head and eyebrows)?

I already am hairy so I guess I'll stick with that. 😂

2% milk or whole milk?


Free food or free water for rest of life?/

Free water

Mascara or eye shadow

Eye shadow

Tattoos or piercings?


Chocolate or white chocolate?

definitely chocolate

peanut butter or jelly?


Waffles or pancakes? :p


More afraid of heights or more afraid of spiders?

I hate heights ALOT but spiders...ugh, they scare me to death

Meet your favorite idol or meet the girl/guy of your dreams?

I've already met the man of my dreams and love of my life so I will go with meat my idol! 😊

A cabin in the woods or a cabin on the beach?

cabin on the beach​

Hiking on a mountain or learning how to surf?

Hiking :o

Truth or dare?


Feet under the covers or feet out of the covers?

Under the covers

Socks or bare feet


Sneakers or high heels?


Hardcore music or old people music


Living on a mountain or living by the ocean?

Live by ocean x

Date a guy who spits when he talks or has bad breath??

Has bad breath i guess, but both ideas suck

Have a job or earn college credits over the summer

Have a job.

Accidentally lose your bathing suit top while swimming or walk around town with price tags on a new outfit and have no one tell you?

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