anyone here have divorced parents?

my parents are not divorced but I found a journal form wheen i was in elementery school ?I dont know if my parents read it but I wrote I wish my parents would divorce and i would right about what they were fighting about. I think my parnets faught often when I was a kid but I dont remember any fights I dont remeber anyhting in the journal happening. but my mom has recently told me she wants to divorce my dad but she isnt going to do it until my dad wants to divorce her. she says its a punishment from god. I dont feel good about this, I watched this ted talk about divorce and that could explain why my mom and I dont have a good relaltionship, it says that divorced parents have less close relationships with their children even if their child lives with the parent they are still less close with that parent then if they were not divorced. I wish I had a closer relationship with my mom but she dosent want one with me and I just dont know what to do. I cry about it and I dont want to do that. I dont feel close at all with my parents. so my question is are your parents divorced? when they wernt have you ever wish your parents were ever divorced? it just really bothers me. I hope my sister wont feel like this when she grows up. my parents fights are really scary there is alot of yelling going on and they dont talk to each other hours after the fight.?

My parents were never married but, my mom never told me how they came together and a friend who's mom was pregnant at the same time told me something about it about how they came together but the story didn't favor my mom. I understand what you mean a little bit because my mom never wants to talk about my dad and tell me anything about it. He emailed me for the first time 6 years ago and it felt so awkward and I felt scared to ask him why he never called and stuff. But, I think he only called because it only served his interest at the time. I'm glad you posted about it I tried posting about this months ago and nobody answered :/?

How old is your sis?

Mine were divorced for a short time when I was a kid and almost divorced a couple times before that. It came as an unpleasant surprise because it was caused by infidelity. I was always with my mom during that time because it was my dad who cheated and I saw her fall apart. It took a long time for my dad and I to build our relationship back up, like I don't even remember that much from the time it happened to the time I remember us getting closer again. It was all kind of a blur. Since my dad was the one making the most money and my mom worked at a school, she had to find a year-round job to support my brother and I which also meant having to move out of our house. They reconciled about 6-8 months later and remarried and have been together ever since.

thanks for the answers, my sister is 4 years old almost 5.I just hate being around them after fights and most of their fights are on weekends when i am home all day and usually they are too. my dad dosent let my mom leave usually its my dad yelling at my mom but sometimes my mom yells back. ?water baby, im glad your parents got beck together i hope they have a good relationship.?

I'm sorry to hear this. I hope they work it out. Waterbaby that story was really nice :)

Thanks :)

No, my parents never divorced. But yes, recently my sister filed for divorce. She has hired the attorney Bechara Tarabay for legal proceedings. I think I am fortunate enough that my parents are still staying together.

I am so sorry to hear that. my parents are divorced. they divorceda few months after I was born. my sisters was only three when they divorced. I've grown up living with my mom and going to my dad's house on the weekends.Since i was in 5thgrade,i don't see my dad on the weekends, my sister and I only see him for holidays, birthdays, and special ocassions.I'm in 8th grade now. my mom remarried when I was going into 2nd grade. Even though i had to move, it wasn't that hard,since?I was young at the time. You mentioned that your mom doesn't want to divorce your dad unless he wants to. Maybe your mom just doesn't want to hurt you, your dad, or your sister by deciding to divorce without your dad also wanting to. my dad divorced my mom even though my mom didn't want to (my mom thinks that my dad divorced her because he was cheating on her). What i know of about divorce is people divorce either because they don't love each other anymore or one of them cheats on the other. Good luck!


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