True or False (the general version)

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Very false. I despise it.

You use dry shampoo on your hair sometimes?

False. Have you ever eaten a bug?

Not intentionally but there's all this research about eating them in your sleep eww
have you ever liked someone just for their looks

True. Would you ruin your enemy's life if you got the chance?

Do you have an enemy?


Are you single?

True. Do you like chocolate?


Do you die your hair?

False, but I want to.
Do/did you like school?

I definitely didn't HATE it, but I did dislike it quite a bit. There were a couple of things that made it tolerable for me.

Do you like The Fiddler on the Roof?

Yeah it's great
do you like musicals?

Sometimes, do you like the movie Divergent?


Do you like the hunger games series??

True! What faction would you choose?

False. Not really into the dystopian theme in movies these days anymore. Used to be good, but now it's the same story with different characters pretty much. Not for all, but for most.

Do you have a hobby?


True, love to bake!?

Do you like to cook?


You have a job?


You enjoy your job?

Don't have one but mainly enjoy school
do you know what job you want?

I am already in my career, but I am thinkinh about switching careers.?

Have you graduated high school?

Have you graduated college?

?​You have tried to be a peacekeeper in two friend's arguement?


You know what your future career will be?


You're going on a vacation soon


You are old enough to drink leagally?

False, I'm 15

Are you fan of super heroes movies?

True. I'm a big, BIG Marvel geek!!!!!?

You enjoy the rain sometimes?

True and I love the smell

Do you like playing under the rain?


You like snow?

Summer is your favorite season?

False, it's Autumn. Summer's too hot, winter's too cold, spring is too weird, but autumn is juuuust right.

You have a favorite flower?


You hate Sundays??

False. I looove Sundays :)
You like avocados?

True, avocados are tasty

Do you like the beach?

That is a very big true

True or false: you once had a good question for this, and then you blanked out like I just did?

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