True or False (the general version)

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Lol. False. (Black!)

A poster is hanging up on your room somewhere?

Yess!True (A Linkin Park one!!)
You've broken a bone atleast once

True, twice....

You have a dildo or vib hidden somewhere in your room????

Have you ever been in a sex store?

You are wearing nail colour right now.

False! Just took it off yesterday!

Sometimes you prefer the cheaper brand of things over name brand?

True! Most of the time :D
You hate amuzement park rides.


Do you like 4 wheeling?

Ummm never done it, so I guess false.

You've been fishing before and caught a fish.

True (tiny bluegill, lol).?

Your favorite jacket/hoodie is black?

True! It's a batch hoodie from my school <3
It snows in the country/region you live in?

False .......but I wish it did snow here :(

You like herbal tea?

False I don't drink tea?
you speak a language other than English?

True, Hindi and Kannada
You are afraid of heights?

Omg yes TRUE!?

You own a yellow skirt or top?


Procrastination is one of your weaknesses?

Sooooooooo true like do you know me irl
you like one direction?

False. I hate them.
You have piercings other than your ears

False. Not anymore but Gosh whenever they're mentioned I always get to missing them. 😩

You currently have a celebrity crush?

NocturnalMistress:False. Not anymore but Gosh whenever they're mentioned I always get to kissing them. 😩You currently have a celebrity crush??

False ..........and why do you want to kiss the piercings you no longer have? lolol

You like soup?

You like bagels?

False! Never tasted them :P
You wear/used to wear braces?

Used to

You're a vegetarian?

True for 13 years now
you like to cycle?


Do you like to go for hikes?

Love it
do you have your own bedroom?


You enjoy girlscout cookies?

Never had any (live in Ireland)
You like to read?


You have more than 4 different lotions?

Do you have a collection of perfumes?

Very true.

Do you have someone on your ignore list on here?

Do you have 20/20 vision or better?

True, 20/20
​You are a potterhead?

True! 💖

You have watched a storm through a window before?

you like snow?

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