True or False (the general version)

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No but it's very rainy?
do you walk to school?

Do you live in the city?

False but would like to?
do you have any enemies?

True, actually. A woman at my work. 😡

You use an eyelash curler?

True sometimes

You are looking forward to something

True it's a ski trip
you've drank before?

Have you been in a car accident?

True, but I was a toddler and I slept through it.

You adore chocolate and feel empty without it like me? Lol.

True lol

You have at least one cat

false only dogs
you have a memory you want to forget?

yes, doesn't everyone?

you live near a lake or river

False. I wish...😟

You still have something materialistic from your childhood days?

I still have some dolls and stuffed animals

What's your today's highlight?

Kind of not a true or false question but I'll answer anyway.
I shaved my legs, lol. That's my highlight.?

T or F:
You've heard an animal snore before?

Have you ever been bitten by an animal?

true (by a toy poodle)

have you ever camped out for longer then a week?

Have you ever been on a cruise ship?

do you like friends (tv show)

False (my longest is 3 days lol)​You shop at Brandy Melville?

You are a student?

you know a Daniel and annoy him with damn it Daniel?

True (my brother lol)​You write fanfiction?

False. I used to though! I thought I was good at it!

You've thrown your phone before?

False (I take care of my phone like a baby :P)
You love dogs!?

Your favorite day of the week is Saturday

True cause it's the only day which really belongs to the weekend.

I'd say true for the most part. I get to volunteer at an animal shelter on Saturdays and that's the highlight of my week. :D?
True or false: someone recommended these forums to you


You've watched the show Hoarders?

You've dyed your hair atleast once.

True. I've been dyeing my hair since I was like 14, haha.

You sleep with a fan or noisemaker of some kind?

Yes! Fan.. no matter what season it is
You live in an apartment

You've called an animal a curse word before?

False, I LOVE animals lol!
You wear glasses/contacts and you are practically blind without them.

True x 1,000,000.?

You have something "Pink" brand from Victoria's Secret (can be anything)?

We're the only ones playing xD

Your favourite colour is purple

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