True or False (the general version)

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True love her videos last one I watched was like types of teachers at school.
do you watch any youtubers like marikplier


You wear eyeglasses for your vision

Do you wear contacts?


You have green eyes?

False blue eyes?
have you got long hair?


You hate Dr. Pepper?

True it's like very strong cherry?
you like milkshakes?


You are vegetarian?

do you know your star sign

Do you have a birthday coming up?

Do you secretly want to make out with someone?

Yes so bad?
whats your situation like do you have a crush or are you dating or something else?

Dating (nearly 2 months)

​You're eating crisps rn?

Awww same as myself then with my crush
true always eating crisps?
do you eat healthy or not really?


Are you in high school?

Idk what the equivalent is I'm 16
do you like maths?

Ew no, I'm horrible at math.
Do you have a job?

False do you?
are there any places that you really want to travel to

Yes, I would absolutely love to go to Iceland or the UK.?

Are you afraid of bugs?

True only bees though
are you a morning person?

Are you a night owl?

True Sometimes?
do you like winter?

FALSE. lol

Do you live in the northern hemisphere?


Do you ride a bike?


You can fluently speak a foreign language


Do you like rice?

True! Love it!?

You've had coffee at least once this week?


You have carpet in the bathroom?

do you have siblings

You like guys with long hair.

you like tall guys?

True. ('Cause I'm a tall girl LOL)

You like working/going to school??

True (school is pretty fun)
You like singing and dancing in he shower.

True. I like to sing when no one is around, because I sound like a dying whale XD

You have kids

False, I don't want any kids.

The weather is extremely cold where you live?

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