True or False (the general version)

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

True. R.I.P. he will be missed​You are drinking something other than water rn?

True drinking coke
are you a girly girl ?

True...most of the time
You love bubble baths

True love them?
do you play any instruments?

False .....but I wish I could

You take more showers than baths?

True more showers?
do you have any strange talents?

Do you have any strange addictions?

True addicted to hearing some people rant
do you live in Europe ?

False. I live in Australia

Have you ever travelled outside your own country?

True if you mean on holiday false if you mean like living abroad
whats your favourite colour?

Blue.....pretty much any shade

You have a Mac computer?

Youre currently snowed in :/


You have a job

Do you watch Netflix?


Are you listing to a song right now?

False. I'm watching the Australian Open tennis :)

You've been surfing in Hawaii?

False I would love to
do you like to sing?

True. I've been taking singing lessons for nearly 3 months, but my pets still get annoyed when I sing. XD XD XD

You've been on gurl for a while

False? (joined in August but haven't been on lately)

You're wearing the color black right now.


You like cappuccino coffee?

Do you like to go shopping?

Oh my yessss ....that's totally true lol

Do you have a cat?


Ever been downhill skiing?

True I've been skiing 6 times love it
what countries have you skied in if you have if not where would you go?

I'm going skiing in Canada in February and I would love to go skiing in Austria.
?You love Zayn's new song, Pillow Talk

I don't know since I haven't listented to it.

You do not have the letter "e" in your legal first name


You have 2 siblings


You've had appendicitis


You have an unusual pet


You've cried in 2016

Not yet lol

You can drive a car

you've made a New Years resolution?


You've been on gurl for at least a year

?​You watch IISuperwomanII on YouTube (she is my queen)

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